Calling Cards Online - Why is The Real Amount of Phone Call Minutes Less Than Advertised One?

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Became the victim of fraud? Complain and ask why this happens? The answer is simple. All calling card companies calculate advertised call minutes just on the basis of per-minute rates. They leave the various fees out of account. However, when giving you real call minutes, they count up all those fees.

Let us say, you are going to buy a phone card at $10 online. Rate is 2.8 cent per minute for your destination. A calling card company will show your available phone call minutes are 10*100/2.8 = 357. But your card has also a maintenance fee $0.69 a week. And you tend to use it for two weeks. Then the maintenance fee 0.69 * 2 = $1.38 will be taken from your card's balance. And your real available minutes will be (10 - 1.38)*100/2.8 = 309, not 357. If your card has additional fees, this annoying difference between an advertisement and reality will be larger.

Some conclusions flow from that not very pleasant fact:

  • Any discrimination of calling card companies made on this base is incorrect because all of them are guilty.
  • Any complaint having the goal to put in the pillory one company or another shoots beside the mark. Because we can always ask: "And what about others?"

Meanwhile there are objective difficulties with those fees. They will be charged differently that depends on how you will call with your phone card: long or short, often or seldom, etc. Calling card companies are unable to take these nuances into account. That's why they do not calculate real calling card minutes at all. That's why they have to show so-named "advertised minutes" calculated simply by dividing a card price in a rate.

Indeed, this so often complained difference between real and advertised minutes depends on your manner of calling with a card. It is minimal if you spend a whole phone card balance for making only one phone talk. It may change from 2% to 142% for some cards when number of phone calls changes from 10 to 100.

But what can you do with "advertised minutes"? Don't come any closer! Don't accept them in good faith! Don't look at them at all! Out of sight, out of mind!

But is there any constructive decision to compensate that negative sense?

Yes, there is. You can calculate available minutes that you will really get with a calling card. Calculate them with taking all the card's fees and your individual manner of calling into account.

This knowledge will be more constructive and useful than shown minutes. So through it, you can calculate an effective per-minute rate (i.e. what you really pay for each minute of a phone talk) for your destination. Simply divide a card price in real minutes. In the example above, the effective rate will be 10*100/309 = 3.2 cent per minute, not 2.8.

However, let's finish optimistically. Regardless of how much you overpaid for calling with a card, this way keeps cheaper than a regular phone line or cell phone.

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Calling Cards Online - Why is The Real Amount of Phone Call Minutes Less Than Advertised One?

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Calling Cards Online - Why is The Real Amount of Phone Call Minutes Less Than Advertised One?

This article was published on 2010/03/30