How to Choose a Prepaid Calling Card the Smart Way

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These days saving money is important and for making international calls using a prepaid calling card is an economical cost saving alternative to your land line's international service plan. But there are many cards with different rules so choosing the right one will save you even more money.

Where to Buy Prepaid Calling Cards?

You can find them almost anywhere these days in a supermarket or gas station. But the best places to buy them is on the Internet. Not only is it more convenient - it's also cheaper too. Why? When you buy a calling card in a store you're buying a paper or plastic card with a scratch off PIN code and access number. Producing that card cost money which manufacturers pass on to you. If you purchase a card on the Internet you'll get a PIN code and access number by email.

Fees Vs. No Fees 

Almost everyone thinks all calling cards have fees. Not true at all. There are cards with fees and no fees. The rule of thumb is, the cheaper the card, the more fees there are. For example if you buy a calling card with a $2 denomination it'll most likely be loaded with a higher maintenance fee and taxes. However that $2 card has low call per minute rates. While a $20 card will just come with a low or no fee, with a slightly higher call per minute rate.

How to Choose a Calling Card?

This is the biggest question of all. But it's really simple. Cards with fees have the cheapest call per minute rates, such as a $2 card. But the fees are charged when you disconnect your calls. So it's best to use up that card in one sitting, instead of using it to make multiple calls. Cards with no fees usually has a slightly higher call per minute rate, but you're not hampered by fees, so you're free to use it multiple times.

There are many companies on the Internet that provide reliable calling cards and knowing which to choose goes a long way. Make sure the company you choose has a toll free telephone number so you can reach them at anytime.

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How to Choose a Prepaid Calling Card the Smart Way

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This article was published on 2010/03/29