Prepaid Calling Card Reviews - Reviews of the Best and the Worst Calling Card Companies

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Today there are many reliable prepaid calling card companies available but complaints about the phone card industry has yet to sharply declined. As a first time buyer it is not easy to choose which calling card company is the best or the worst, since there really isn't too much information about the industry.

We all know calling cards or phone cards are the best ways to save on international calls, especially when you are making your calls through a mobile phone. But there are certain places you should purchase one from and certain places to avoid them. So let's start with the worst first.

Prepaid Calling Card Companies with the Worst Complaints.

Most of the worst products are found in small grocery stores, particularly ones in ethnic neighborhoods. Privately owned gas stations are a major culprit as well, since they do not have regulations on what they can sell in their shops. Here are the names of the worst card companies:

  • World Santa Domingo - Sold mostly in small Latin communities in grocery stores and markets.
  • Manila International Calls - Widely sold in Philippine markets and has the worst complaints of false advertised minutes and non-existent customer service.
  • Great Wall Beijing - Another company that preys on the immigrant community. Offers ridiculously low rates for calls to China but does not work at all.

Best Reliable Prepaid Calling Card Companies:

  • Speedy Pin - Very well known company that offers 100% guarantee on all of their phone card products.
  • Nobelcom - An industry giant in the telecommunications industry. If you want quality calls you will find it at Nobelcom.
  • Free Call Planet - Recommended for those who prefer monthly plans. Very reliable with competitive Rates.

One thing in common with reliable phone card companies mentioned above is that they offer consumers excellent customer service beside reasonable call per minute rates. And that's really the most important factor on choosing which company you want to purchase from.

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Prepaid Calling Card Reviews - Reviews of the Best and the Worst Calling Card Companies

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This article was published on 2010/12/14